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Beach Teens Kiewit
Beachhandbaltornooi Hasselt 28/29 juni 2003 : Reglementen


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Tournament rules


1. All players play barefoot (or with socks on!)
2. Each game consists in playing two sets of 10
   minutes , each with a seperate result . A team
   (8 players only) that wins both sets , wins the game .
   Each set begins with a referee-throw .
   If the result of a set is even , both teams play by the
   rule of "sudden death" ~ they start again with a  
   referee-throw .
3. If both teams win a set , they will play "one against
   the keeper" . This means that each team selects 3
   players . They will try to score , one at the time and
   alternatively , untill one of the teams wins ! If the
   score still is even after 3 players each , both teams
   will continue untill one of them wins .
4. No team time-outs will be allowed , due to the time
   scedule of the tournament .
5. If "one against the keeper" is played , a toss by the
   referee decides which team starts .
   Both keepers start off standing on their goal line . The
   player who is elected to play has to stand with one
   foot on the right or left point where his/her
   goal area line and the side line cross .
   When the refree blows the whistle , he/she has
   to pass back to his goalie . During this pass , the
   ball is not allowed to touch the ground .
   Once the ball has left the hand of the thrower , both
   keepers are allowed to move forward .
   The goal keeper with the ball must remail in his/her
   goal area . He/she has to pass (without the ball
   touching the ground) or try to score him/herself 
   (=an extra point) within 3 seconds after
   receiving the ball .
   If a rule violation is made by the attacking keeper
   or the player , the attack is over .
   The defending keeper is allowed to leave his/her
   goal area and to return at any time as long he/she is
   not in possession of the ball . If he/she commits
   a foul on the attacking player , a 6-m throw has to be
   awarded to the attacking team (also an extra point)
6. Substitutions can be made during the whole time .
   Each team has his own substitution side , which
   remains the same both sets !
   The substitution area for field players is situated
   at one side of the court , without both goal areas .
   The players can leave and enter only there .
   The goalkeeper has to enter the field only over the
   side line in his/her own goal area . He/she can leave
   over the side line of his/her team substitution side or
   over the side line in his/her goal area .
   A player who makes an error regarding the rules
   considering the substitutions , has to be suspended .
   The game has to be started again by a free throw
   or a 6-m throw , regarding the situation .
7. The goalkeeper has to wear a shirt which clearly
   shows that he/she is not a player of one of the both
   teams . When not in possession of the ball ,
   the keeper always is allowed to leave the goal area
   to take part in the game .
8. It's allowed to dive in the direction of a ball
   which lies or is rolling in the goal area , as long as
   the player doesn't touch the ground playing the
   ball . The ball may also be played above the
   goal area , as long as the player doesn't land in
   that area still holding the ball .
9. A goal is made if the ball fully passed the goal line .
   Points are made as follows :
   * 1 point   : a goal made by a field player or by the
                     keeper (standing in his own goal area) 
   * 2 points : + a goal made by a field player : a 'flyer'
                       the player receives and plays the
                       ball when in the air
                    + a goal made by the keeper (standing
                       in the playing field)
                    + a goal made out of a 6-m throw
                    + a goal made by the keeper during
                       "one against the keeper" , standing
                       in his own goal area .
   * 3 points : + a 'flyer' made by the keeper
                    + a double 'flyer' made by two field
                       players , or one field player and the
                       goal keeper
10. When a player is suspended he/she or the
     substitute can re-enter after 1 minute . When there
     is a turnover between the teams (the attacking
     team lost possession of the ball) , he/she can
     re-enter immediately .
     A second suspension results in a disqualification ,
     but this is only for the remaining playing time .
     An immediate disqualification due to serious
     rule violations or seriously unsportsmanly conduct
     is effective for the rest of the game , and can
     result in an exclusion of the tournament !
11. The classification of the teams will be made as
     follows : teams which end up with the same result
     will be separated
     1. by the number of winning games
     2. by the best goal average
     3. by the result of their mutual game
12.If there are some problems , no worries ! The jury
    will decide what's right or wrong ! Their decision
    will be definitive !
13.The organisation of the tournament is not responsible
    in case of accidents or damage of any kind ! We will
    provide medical attention in case it's necessary .
14.Subscription to the tournament includes
    the acceptance of the rules above .
Have a very fine and sportive Beach Time

De volledige IHF-reglementen

Beachhandball : the IHF-rules

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